First off I want to say sorry this is a day late! I wrote the post yesterday and ended up distracted with my husband going to Atlanta last night, that I forgot to post it! Please enjoy. :)

Per request, I am talking about iMovie today! I am excited to share what I know and the great resources I know of for using iMovie. To start this off here is a fabulous iMovie Tutorial on Youtube by a student for students! Take note that the students sound includes the iMovie sound.
Things to Pre-teach:
  • One thing that is very important is to have a "To Do List" for students. They need explicit instructions on what is next and how to do that particular task. Here is a GREAT example of teachers who gave their students explicit tasks. Create something like this (doesn't have to be on paper) for your class BEFORE you introduce iMovie. Use it as you show the kids what to do. Then when you are finished showing your students, you can refer them back to the handout to try and figure it out first. This diffuses a lot of early questions and gives you time to focus on the students really needing help.
  • Have them sketch on a storyboard what they are going to write/talk about and EDIT before they even touch the computer!
  • Teach terms if necessary: upload, double click, drag, save-as, publishing, etc. [side note - this is especially important if you work with English Learners (ELs) or students who are not familiar with computers and their terminology]
  • Teach students how to do the basics first. Take a day or two (depending on time), to JUST TEACH iMovie. Don't even focus on the content at all. Make sure that every student knows the basics and go through it together. This way when they are working on their project, they all have a start point. Some students will expand above that, and some will need that help immensely!
  • Teach Creative Commons search on google - public videos/photos that students can use legally.

Things to do with iMovie:
  • Movie Trailer of book read in class
  • Create a story with pictures, words and video
  • Interview professionals and display it through iMovie
  • Research project in science or social studies with all documentation on iMovie instead of or along with a written report.
  • So Much More!!! Be Creative!

iMovie '11:
I am going to end this blog post with a great tutorial for iMovie '11 if you already know and understand iMovie '08. He is very concise and to the point. Enjoy!



10/19/2012 11:13am

Thanks, Lindsay. I've explored iMovie some, but you had some tips that will be very helpful next week when my 6th graders make their campaign videos.

10/30/2012 6:16pm

Hey Beth! I am glad you liked it! I look forward to hearing how it went with your kids.

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