I love prezis!!! I'm sure you could ask anyone I know in the educational world and they will agree. I used prezis 10 times more than I used PowerPoint with my students. A prezi is an online presentation tool that is similar to PowerPoint. I believe prezis are much easier to teach students how to use and it gives them the ability to be as creative as they want, or have time for in class. Also prezis are free!!! Anyone can create their own account, or you can be accepted as a teacher with your school account to make prezis private. Students with school emails can do the same! I have also used prezis in my own schooling. Below is a prezi that I created for a class (before I was married, so note my maiden name) to describe my autobiography with New Literacies. I would like to start this post off with my autobiography to give you a sense of A - what is a prezi and B - get to know me a little more!
What to Pre-Teach:
  • First - YOU the teacher need to explore prezi and create one for yourself. This is a great way to create an example for students!
  • You should introduce the idea of a prezi, creating accounts, and how to use it in a class period and let students explore a bit. 
  • Don't forget the cheat sheet to make for students when they forget how to zoom, frame or create a path!
  • What is the GOAL of the prezi? Make sure students know this at the beginning so they do not get off task.
  • Rubric on what your expectations are of the prezi and their time spent on the computers! It isn't always just about the finished product!

Ways to use Prezi:
  • An assessment of a story. I have used Beginning Middle and End with younger grades, up to a summary and or important parts of a story. Why write it on paper when it can be done in a creative way where students will be more likely to remember!
  • Presentation on a subject or idea: I have used it with wild weather, with students ranging from almost no English to level 4 ESL.
  • An autobiography
  • A resume
  • Make a quiz with it.
  • ENGAGE STUDENTS during a lecture

Helpful Websites: 
Webinars for prezis 
Learn more about prezis 

Helpful Prezis:


10/23/2012 5:40pm

Thanks! I enjoy looking at your Prezi. Now to figure how to make one or incorporate into my business!!!

10/30/2012 6:17pm

That is a great idea! These technologies are not just for teachers!!!

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