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I am from Grams & Pops house, from learning God is in control, to swimming in the pool in their backyard and feeding the ducks around the corner, to my arts and crafts corner and Pops reading the bible story on Christmas Eve, to making Swedish meatballs, Norwegian waffles and chicken parmagian, to playing Skip Bo and dominoes, to playing teacher and enjoying the Christmas village on the window sill, to boxes with letters of love in my closet.

I am from 9 Frog Pond Road, from rose bushes lining the yard, tree houses built from scrap wood, and a NY type of zoo (with snakes, bunnies, cats, dogs and hamsters), from babysitting in the neighborhood and biking to grams and pops house, to stairs in my bedroom, sitting in the middle of the street with friends, and walking to 7-Eleven.

I am from traveling around the world, to living in Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, Spain & Japan, to visiting 22 other countries, to seeing the world by train, to learning new languages and about new cultures, to becoming an EL Teacher with so much to give.

I am from the ocean, from seashells in the car, to fourth of July fireworks, to finding crabs, catching minnows and riding the waves, from getting stung by jellyfish, to making sand creatures and castles with my dad, to laughter & fun with family and friends.

I am from independence, from living at Tuscarora for summer work, to boarding school and staying in MN, to buying a house on my own, to becoming a missionary and getting my master’s degree.

I am from music, from Five Iron Frenzy and Superchic[k], to Newsboys and the Supertones, from Casting Crowns, Michael W. Smith & Brandon Heath, to junior high with Dr. Dre & 2Pac, from seeing and hearing my world of memories through song.

I am from sports, from playing softball and basketball, to hating cross-country and loving fencing, from doing the unthinkable and becoming a cheerleader, to getting a job and becoming a lifeguard and swimming instructor.

I am from the Fawcett Family, from family vacations at Cypress Harbor and roaming the grounds, to always having large gatherings in my parents home, to family importance and love, from making kransekake and going to church every week, to smiles and tears, and 2 brothers, 1 sister, 1 sister-in-law, 1 brother-in-law, 1 niece, 3 nephews (and now many more people to love through marriage)!


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